Internet Cyberlaw Attorneys Lawyers – Cyberlaw Leadership Summit

Mudd Law Offices’ Internet and cyberlaw attorneys Charles Lee Mudd Jr. and Mark A. Petrolis attended the Cyberlaw Leadership Summit in Las Vegas, Nevada in May 2012.  The May 2012 Cyberlaw Leadership Summit represented the third bi-annual Summit since its inaugural summit in May 2011.  The Cyberlaw Leadership Summit represents a meeting of select, experience Internet and cyberlaw attorneys and lawyers from throughout the United States.

As a founding member of the Cyberlaw Leadership Summit, Attorney Charles Mudd has attended each of the Summits.  This past May, Charles spoke to the members on issues of electronic surveillance laws and BitTorrent litigation.

Attorney Mark A. Petrolis attended the Cyberlaw Leadership Summit for the first time in May 2012.  He spoke with Charles on BitTorrent litigation.

Both Charles and Mark will be returning to the Summit in November 2012 to join the other select Internet lawyers in discussing the emerging and nuances areas of Internet law.

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About Charles Lee Mudd Jr.

Charles Lee Mudd Jr. has operated his own law firm since 2001. In the last ten years, the firm has grown to become an internationally recognized diversified practice providing representation to a clientele comprised of local, national, and international individuals and business organizations. Charles focuses on legal matters involving the Internet, technology, small businesses, and startups. In 2012, he launched Startup Radio.