Mudd Law Defeats Effort to Compel it to Disclose Client’s Name

Defamation attorneys Mudd Law defeated the efforts of Saper Law Offices to name Mudd Law as a respondent from which it could obtain the identity of the anonymous poster represented by Mudd Law.

On behalf of its client, Saper Law Offices filed suit against multiple John Does for defamation arising from anonymous statements made about its client on the Internet. Mudd Law represents one of these John Doe defendants who questioned whether Saper Law Offices’ client had an affair.

On behalf of John Doe, Mudd Law filed a motion to quash that the Court denied. When Saper Law Offices learned that the parties from whom it sought information could not identify John Doe, it sought leave to add Mudd Law as a respondent from which it could obtain the identity of Mudd Law’s anonymous client.

For any number of reasons, the effort to compel Mudd Law to identify the name of its anonymous client reflects either an ignorance or disregard for the state of law with respect to defamation, anonymous litigation, 1st and 5th amendment rights, and related areas.

Mudd Law will not identify its anonymous client’s name.

About Charles Lee Mudd Jr.

Charles Lee Mudd Jr. has operated his own law firm since 2001. In the last ten years, the firm has grown to become an internationally recognized diversified practice providing representation to a clientele comprised of local, national, and international individuals and business organizations. Charles focuses on legal matters involving the Internet, technology, small businesses, and startups. In 2012, he launched Startup Radio.