Gaming Industry Set to Reach Nearly $105 Billion in Revenue this Year

From video games to virtual reality to e-sports, modern gaming includes a range of systems and ways to play. Today’s gaming options have come a long way from some of the first systems that Atari and Nintendo introducted 40 years ago.

The amount being spent on gaming related purchases has also increased and looks to only continue to grow. A new report from SuperData Research finds games and gaming-related content will reach nearly $105 billion in revenue worldwide in 2017. This figure includes virtual reality, augmented reality, and mixed reality.

SuperData Research also found that gaming has become more diverse and is almost a 1:1 ratio in gender with 46% of gamers identifying as female. The report found that even when users put the controller down, they are still staying engaged with gaming. This can include watching tournaments or tutorials. The report found 665 million people around the world go to sites like YouTube to learn about their favorite game of choice.

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