Facebook’s Latest Attempt to Eliminate Fake News from Trending Topics

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Facebook recently announced a change in its trending topics algorithm to combat fake news following its own fake news controversy, according to Business Insider. Facebook came under fire in August 2016 when its human editors, or “news curators,” deliberately suppressed conservative-leaning news. The Washington Post then later reported in October 2016 that Facebook’s new trending topics algorithm allowed an influx of news hoaxes and inaccurate news stories to trend.

Facebook has since altered the algorithm to work toward eliminating the incidence of fake news trending on its site. The algorithm’s change essentially hands the reigns over to reputable media outlets, trending topics that are covered repeatedly by credible news sources, rather than relying on a story’s popularity among Facebook users. The new settings take into account how long a particular source has been present on Facebook, according to the Wall Street Journal. Additionally, Trending Topics will no longer be personalized to each user, exposing readers to a broader range of news and information sources.