Google to Purge Play Store Apps Without Privacy Policies

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Google has been sending warnings to developers of apps in its Google Play Store that violate Google’s privacy and user data policies. According to The Next Web, the notice informs developers that Google’s policies require any app that uses “sensitive user or device information” to have a valid privacy policy, and that those receiving the notice are currently not in compliance with that policy.

According to The Next Web, the upcoming purge will likely affect millions of lesser-known or completely unknown apps crowding the Play Store, also commonly referred to as “zombie apps,” or apps that are not ranked and can only be found by users via a direct search for the name of the app. Google’s warnings will give developers until March 15, 2017 to link users to a valid policy for their apps, and failure to do so will result in “limited visibility” or even removal of the app from the Play Store.

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