AI: The Key to Unlocking Life’s Anti-Aging Secrets?

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One project is hoping to use artificial intelligence to slow down the aging process. Insilico Medicine is biomedical firm dedicated to extending healthy longevity. The company is working on a collaboration to develop A.I. biomarkers of aging, with a goal towards developing a way “to stop age-related loss of function”.

Insilico Medicine signed a Memorandum of Understanding to partner with Gachon University at Gil Medical Center. Gachon University at Gil Medical Center, located in South Korea, is a patient treatment and medical research network on the cutting edge of modern medicine.

Insilico’s project will use artificial intelligence to calculate and analyze data from multiple universities, and develop AI aging biomarkers. Insilico envisions the use of AI biomarkers to better inform the creation of anti-aging formula that will help slow the effects of aging and decrease the aging process’s impact on human health.