Self-Driving Cars Move Forward in 2017

Home / Artificial Intelligence / Self-Driving Cars Move Forward in 2017 believes that the autonomous vehicle using artificial intelligence technology is “the key to the future of transportation.”  The self-driving vehicle startup in Silicon Valley released a video on February 14, 2017 of a “standard car retrofitted with the Drive.Ai self-driving system” driving through Mountain View, CA, according to Mashable. Although the autonomous car technology is not new, the video gives viewers a better picture of how the technology can handle common obstacles and hazards that arise on the road.

During’s demonstration, the sun set and it began to rain heavily, leaving the roads slick and obscuring visibility. To add to the weather problem, the car soon arrives at a four-way stop and has the right of way, yet another driver darts through the intersection. The autonomous car also encountered a broken traffic signal.

The statement released by Drive.AI CEO Sameep Tandon acknowledged that human drivers face “unpredictable situations and a wide range of driving conditions” on a regular basis, and autonomous vehicles must be able to deal with these conditions safely if the technology is ever going to be successful.

Worldwide developers of this technology are not only looking to put self-driving cars on the road, but Mattar Al Tayer, Chairman of Dubai’s Road and Transport Authority announced at the World Government Summit that Dubai will begin operating autonomous passenger-carrying drones. Dubai has already begun test flights without passengers, but hopes to have the drone taxi service up and running as early as July of 2017.