Instagram Removes Offensive Comments

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Instagram has quickly become one of the most popular social media channels. Although Facebook and Youtube are still dominating the social landscape, latest numbers show Instagram has 700 million monthly users. This week the photo sharing website introduced two new filters to keep comments clean and cyber bullies away.

This week Instagram CEO Kevin Systrom made the announcement in a blog post. The two new filters will use machine learning to spot offensive or spam comments on posts and live videos. The first filter automatically keeps certain offensive comments off your posts before you even see them. The second looks for spam comments and blocks them as well.

Systrom said the company developed the filters after many users said toxic comments have discouraged them from using the platform.¬†Users have the option to turn this filter off by accessing the setting menu from their profile and tapping “comments.”

The filter officially launched yesterday in English, but the platform will offer it in more languages in the future.