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Microsoft Pushes for “Digital Geneva Convention”

In the aftermath of mass reports of hacking and election tampering, Microsoft President Brad Smith is calling for international protections from state-sponsored hacking, according to Reuters. Mr Smith believes we

WhatsApp Rolls Out Two-Step Verification Process to Users

The app that allows you to text friends across the globe has added an extra level of security for its users. According to Techcrunch, WhatsApp has rolled out a two-step authentication or

Pew Research Center Releases Cybersecurity Report

The Pew Research Center’s Internet, Science & Tech division released a report called “Americans and Cybersecurity.” The center surveyed over a thousand adults throughout the country in the Spring of 2016

Charles Lee Mudd Jr. Presented and Moderated at the ISBA’s Cybersecurity Program

Charles Lee Mudd Jr. of Mudd Law spoke at the Illinois State Bar Association’s “Cybersecurity: Protecting Your Clients and Your Firm.” The event featured several presentations on the importance of data

POTUS Expected to Sign Executive Order on Cybersecurity

The new President of the United States is expected to sign an executive order on United States cybersecurity.  Early Tuesday morning, a Reddit user posted an apparent draft of the executive order.

Internet Security Tips for Data Privacy Day

Mudd Law wants to remind individuals and businesses to proactively safeguard their online identities, networks, and customer data. January 28 marks Data Privacy Day (DPD) and serves as reminder for all