Mudd Law Attorneys at Small Business Expo

Mudd Law enjoyed appearing at the Chicago Small Business Expo ( @TheBizExpo ) in Chicago, Illinois this past April 24, 2014. Small business and startup lawyers Charles Lee Mudd Jr., Stephanie Solera, and Liz Brodzinski discussed a variety of small business legal issues with the many business owners who visited Mudd Law’s booth. Charles Mudd also presented a well-received primer entitled ‘Top 10 Legal Essentials for Small Businesses’ to a packed room of attendees.  Director of Finance Katherine Mudd, Social Media Coordinator Kayleigh Lolli, and Client Relations Manager Mila Janusonis contributed significantly to the success of Mudd Law’s full-day appearance at the Small Business Expo.

(Kayleigh Lolli, Katherine Mudd, Charles Lee Mudd Jr., Stephanie Solera, Mila Janusonis, and Liz Brodzinski)


About Charles Lee Mudd Jr.

Charles Lee Mudd Jr. has operated his own law firm since 2001. In the last ten years, the firm has grown to become an internationally recognized diversified practice providing representation to a clientele comprised of local, national, and international individuals and business organizations. Charles focuses on legal matters involving the Internet, technology, small businesses, and startups. In 2012, he launched Startup Radio.