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Charles Lee Mudd Jr. to speak at the Illinois State Bar Association’s Cybersecurity Program

Charles Lee Mudd Jr. of Mudd Law will be speaking at the Illinois State Bar Association’s “Cybersecurity: Protecting Your Clients and Your Firm” on February 1, 2017. The event will

Charles Lee Mudd Jr. Selected to Illinois Super Lawyers

Congrats to Charles Lee Mudd Jr., Principal Attorney at Mudd Law, who was named to Illinois Super Lawyers  for the fourth year in a row in the category of Intellectual Property. The Super

Drones, Satellites, and the Battle for Global Interconnectivity: Facebook v. SpaceX ?

As commercial use of drones has made large gains in popularity, companies like Facebook, Inc. and SpaceX are turning their attention to the use of drones and other technologies to create

Can you share your “ballot selfie” on social media? It depends where you vote.

Voting certainly represents an exciting and important privilege and right we possess in the United States.  Because of this excitement, particularly in the maelstrom of the 2016 presidential election cycle, many people

Artificial Intelligence – Welcome to the Future

Artificial Intelligence, or AI, represents technology that seeks to emulate intelligent human behaviors and automate sophisticated tasks traditionally done by humans. This technology has already changed our lives in many ways. AI

Municipalities, Cities, and States Can Regulate Drone Use

Municipalities, Cities, and States Can Regulate Drone Use Our recent article on South Elgin’s drone ordinance prompted a few people to contact our firm.  In a couple of instances, we