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Data Breach and Security Attorney Analysis

Data breaches constitute a major threat to small, midsize, and large businesses.  It seems nearly every week discloses a new data breach.  Although the data breach of Ashley Madison provoked widespread

Charles Mudd on iTechLaw Board of Directors

This past May 2015, Charles Lee Mudd Jr. became a member of the International Technology Law Association’s Board of Directors.  This follows his tenure as vice-chair, chair, and, most recently,

Mudd Law Attends Minecon

MUDD LAW ATTENDS MINECON Charles Mudd attended Minecon 2015 in London, England over the 2015 July 4 Weekend.  Still presented by Mojang with its exceptional Brand Director Lydia Winters (@LydiaWinters)

Chicago Illinois Internet Attorney Attends iTechLaw Conference

Charles Lee Mudd Jr., Internet Attorney based in Chicago, Illinois, attended the 2015 iTechLaw World Conference in San Diego, California.  At this conference, he began his first year on the iTechLaw

Operator of Revenge Porn Website Found Guilty

In the first conviction of its kind, a California court has found an individual guilty of crimes associated with operating a revenge porn website.  Specifically, a court has found Kevin

DMCA Notice Brings Down Spigot in Minecraft World

Wesley Wolfe (aka Wolvereness), a current [Craft]Bukkit developer, has apparently issued one or more notices pursuant to the safe harbor provisions of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (“DMCA”), 17 U.S.C.