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Aereo Flight Grounded by Supreme Court

The Supreme Court of the United States held that Aereo’s business model violated the United States Copyright Act in a 6-3 decision.   The photograph used from the National Archives of the

Supreme Court Upholds Cellphone Privacy

In a unanimous decision, the United States Supreme Court has held that law enforcement may not generally search for electronic data on a cellphone without a warrant.  Specifically, the Court, in

Sanctions Affirmed Against Prenda Law

In the Northern District of Illinois, Judge Darrah affirmed sanctions against Prenda Law in an order and memorandum, though reducing the amount to slightly over $11,000.00. Today, Judge Darrah in

Charles Lee Mudd Jr. Speaks at the Kane County Bar Association’s 2014 Intellectual Property Seminar

On June 11th at 1:45 PM, Charles Lee Mudd Jr. presented “Copyright Trolls and Other Nightmares,” at the 2014 Intellectual Property Seminar in at FONA International in Geneva, IL. The

Navigating the Minecraft EULA

This article continues the series “Avoiding Legal Minefields in the World of Minecraft“.  Rather than produce one long entry, I decided to break the topics up into several segments. Navigating

Avoiding Legal Minefields in the World of Minecraft

Avoiding Legal Minefields in the World of Minecraft The game Minecraft has produced opportunities for many to develop revenue streams in association with Minecraft gameplay.  For avid users of Minecraft, the