Audi Set to Release First Level 3 Self-Driving Vehicle Next Year

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Drivers may be able to sit back and relax a bit more when commuting in the future. According to a recent article from TechCrunch, Audi’s Level 3 self-driving cars, set to be released next year, will allow drivers to relax when traveling at slower speeds.

The autopilot feature of current Tesla vehicles is considered a Level 2 self-driving system, meaning the driver must pay attention and be ready to resume control at all times. Audi’s new system could allow drivers to not pay attention while driving 37 mph or under on a highway with a physical divider. While still fairly limiting (a driver would still need to be able to resume control outside of the specified conditions), assuming Audi’s vehicles meet the required conditions and local laws allow for it, Audi is potentially taking a step forward in the world of autonomous driving.

Nvidia processors will be powering Audi’s self-driving technology, as well as many other functions in these vehicles. While Nvidia is traditionally known for their graphics processors in the personal computer space, in recent years the company has devoted more and more of its energies towards artificial intelligence, autonomous driving, and other related fields.