Charitable Crowdfunding Platform GoFundMe Looks to Global Market

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Over the past several years, GoFundMe has become the crowdfunding platform of choice for many charitable organizations looking to raise funds in order to make a difference. Indeed, over 40 million individual have contributed to GoFundMe campaigns, raising approximately $4 billion in the process since the social fundraising platform launched in 2010. GoFundMe is now looking to be a part of campaigns on a global scale.

Following its success in the six countries it is currently operating, which including the United States, Canada, Australia, and the U.K., GoFundMe is now preparing to expand to France and Spain later this year as part of bigger push to expand into Europe generally. Some of the early campaigns in the limited GoFundMe beta that is taking place in France and Spain right now include efforts to help refugees, finance medical needs, save small businesses, and provide food in Somalia.

According to GoFundMe’s CEO Rob Solomon, this is but the first step in the company’s greater plans to become a truly global service. For more information on this topic, visit TechCrunch or Mr. Solomon’s original article on the subject.