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In April 2012, Mudd Law Offices launched Startup Radio as a source of information for entrepreneurs, startups, and small businesses. Representing entrepreneurs, startups and small businesses, the lawyers at Mudd Law understand the concerns and issues facing entrepreneurs and startups. Given this, Mudd Law concluded it would be helpful to provide readily accessible content about business and legal issues to the startup community at large. This content has and will continue to include useful programs discussing issues with startup leaders, executives, business owners, venture capitalists (VCs), and more.

From protecting proprietary ideas and concepts, developing strategic Non-Disclosure Agreements (“NDAs”), registering trademarks and copyrights to drafting Mutual NDAs, privacy policies, terms of use, employment and independent contractor agreements, licensing agreements, and more, the attorneys at Mudd Law Offices can provide the legal services the startup culture (small business owners, CEOs, executives, startup leadership, entrepreneurs) seeks with a full suite of legal services to protect their interests and facilitate their growth.