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Principal Attorney Charles L. Mudd Jr. will be a panelist at the 61st Annual Intellectual Property Conference

Principal Attorney Charles L. Mudd Jr. will be a panelist at The John Marshall Law School’s 61st Annual Intellectual Property Conference on November 3, 2017. The conference is being organized

Impacted by the Equifax Data Breach? Here are Ways to Protect Yourself

Are you one of the millions of people impacted by Equifax’s data breach? Equifax announced  they may have exposed private information belonging to 143 million people. The massive breach includes information

Illinois Lawmakers Consider Right to Know Act

  13.04.2017   Mudd Law   Privacy   No comments

Illinois lawmakers are considering a new law that would increase the protection of personal information online. House Bill 2774 would require online companies to disclose to consumers what data has

Consumer Reports to Review Products for Cybersecurity and Privacy

Consumer Reports is often known for their reviews of a variety of items, including new cars, digital cameras, and kitchen appliances.  The non-profit organization provides evidence-based product testing and ratings

Google to Purge Play Store Apps Without Privacy Policies

  16.02.2017   Molly Kordas   Privacy   No comments

Google has been sending warnings to developers of apps in its Google Play Store that violate Google’s privacy and user data policies. According to The Next Web, the notice informs developers that

New Selfie App Meitu Sparks Privacy Concerns

When you consider the addage “There’s an App for that,” its truth has become even more true as the years have passed.  However, as can be imagines, not every app