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Charles Mudd of Mudd Law Offices, recently appointed Chair of the Illinois State Bar Association’s Intellectual Property Section Council, will serve as Program Coordinator and Moderator of the 2012 Illinois State Bar Association’s Cyberlaw Symposium on June 21, 2012.

In addition, Charles will speak on “Employer Regulation of and Response to Employee-Avatars in Virtual Worlds” and provide a live demonstration using Second Life. As Charles will explain, “virtual worlds open up unique opportunities for businesses to extend their reach into various markets.” However, “an employee’s use of an online avatar – whether as a private individual or business representative – creates an unusual dilemma for employers in controlling market identity, as well as the consumer’s perception of the business.” In his presentation, Charles will explore the employer’s predicament in responding to and regulating employee avatars.

Charles will also discuss cyberbullying and remedies to address cyberbullying both before and after litigation.

Additional topics at the Cyberlaw Symposium will be open source software; creative commons licensing; litigation trends involving patent, trademark, and copyright “trolls”; politics and intellectual property; hosting information on the Internet; cloud computing; and more.