Utah Fall Forum: Why Attorneys Should Care About Privacy

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Charles Mudd is pleased to speak at the Utah State Bar 2012 Fall Forum on the topic of why attorneys should be concerned about privacy and recent privacy developments.  Certain materials related to the presentation can be downloaded from the Utah State Bar website.  In addition, the following information and resources contain content relevant to the specific issues discussed by Charles Mudd.

Apps and Privacy

A Pew Internet and American Life Project survey found more than half of those surveyed have decided not to install an app over privacy concerns.

Cloud Computing

On the issue of attorneys and cloud computing, the American Bar Association makes available a compendium of ethics opinions on cloud computing from around the country.

Disclosure of Client Information

Attorneys should be concerned about disclosure of client information in the use of social media and marketing in the context of professional rules of conduct and ethics, particularly Utah Rule 1.6.

White House Privacy Report

The White House issued a report on Consumer Privacy in a Networked World.