POTUS Expected to Sign Executive Order on Cybersecurity

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The new President of the United States is expected to sign an executive order on United States cybersecurity. Early Tuesday morning, a Reddit user posted an apparent draft of the executive order. CNN has also posted a draft version of the executive order (meanwhile the White House Cyber Security webpage remains empty).

In the draft order, POTUS will order audits of the capabilities and vulnerabilities of U.S. agencies and adversaries. The military will apparently be given authority and direction to review cybersecurity content taught to children in schools. There will also be reorganization of the National Security Council and Homeland Security Council. Politico describes the draft as “mild-mannered” compared to other POTUS executive orders – the draft essentially directs reviews of cybersecurity issues (notably, however, it does not mention foreign efforts to influence the 2016 United States Presidential campaign). Other commentators agree that the Executive Order seeks to stall on substantive measures. As such, we should no doubt expect a subsequent directive on cybersecurity.

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