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Drones, Satellites, and the Battle for Global Interconnectivity: Facebook v. SpaceX ?

As commercial use of drones has made large gains in popularity, companies like Facebook, Inc. and SpaceX are turning their attention to the use of drones and other technologies to create

Pokémon GO: Legal Issues

As we discussed in our previous posts on Pokémon GO and the latest news, this new augmented reality game raises a series of legal issues.  Most recently, a Detroit couple sued

Minecon 2016 Announced – September 24-25 – Anaheim, California

Mojang has announced that Minecon 2016 will occur in Anaheim, California on September 24-25, 2016.

FAA Drone Registration Deadline Approaching

Midnight January 21, 2016 marks the deadline by which you must register your UAS with the Federal Aviation Administration (“FAA”) to receive a refund of the $5.00 registration fee.  This

Charles Mudd Discusses Defamation, Privacy, and Cyberbullying

While attending and speaking at the International Technology Law Association‘s European conference in London, England, Charles Lee Mudd Jr., principal of Mudd Law Offices, sat with Sarah Glazer, a London-based

Charles Mudd on iTechLaw Board of Directors

This past May 2015, Charles Lee Mudd Jr. became a member of the International Technology Law Association’s Board of Directors.  This follows his tenure as vice-chair, chair, and, most recently,