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Pokémon GO: Latest News

As we wrote on July 21, Pokémon GO has exploded in popularity and, as developments occur, we will continue to explore the game’s practical, legal, and cultural implications.  Check out the

Pokémon GO: Quickly Catching ‘Em All

After much anticipation, on July 6, Niantic released a beta version of Pokémon GO – a mobile game that has since entranced an estimate of around 10 million daily players.  In only a few weeks,

Aereo Flight Grounded by Supreme Court

The Supreme Court of the United States held that Aereo’s business model violated the United States Copyright Act in a 6-3 decision.   The photograph used from the National Archives of the

Supreme Court Upholds Cellphone Privacy

In a unanimous decision, the United States Supreme Court has held that law enforcement may not generally search for electronic data on a cellphone without a warrant.  Specifically, the Court, in

Sanctions Affirmed Against Prenda Law

In the Northern District of Illinois, Judge Darrah affirmed sanctions against Prenda Law in an order and memorandum, though reducing the amount to slightly over $11,000.00. Today, Judge Darrah in

Removing Fake Facebook Accounts, Profiles, and Pages – Part II

Return to Part I Mudd Law Offices has experience representing individuals who have been impersonated on the Internet including having fake or fraudulent Facebook pages and accounts created about them.