Mudd Law Offices – Attorneys for Startups

In April 2012, Mudd Law Offices launched Startup Radio as a source of information for entrepreneurs, startups, and small businesses.  Representing entrepreneurs, startups and small businesses, the lawyers at Mudd

Mudd Law Offices | Defamation | Summary Judgment Obtained in Favor of Defendants

Mudd Law Offices obtained summary judgment in favor of their clients who had been sued for alleged defamation. On May 2, 2012, after oral arguments, the Honorable Dorothy French in the

Mudd Law Offices Protects Anonymity of Tweep

Mudd Law Offices successfully defeated a petition seeking disclosure of an anonymous Tweep’s identity.  The petition had been filed in the Circuit Court of Cook County under Rule 224 of the

MLO Client Frederick Phillips Returns from ICEFA

The renowned artist Frederick Phillips recently returned to England from participating as a judge at the International Children’s Exhibition of Fine Arts in Czechoslovakia.  We congratulate Frederick on his selection

Mudd Law Offices Launches

Mudd Law Offices has launched its own tiny url service at  The service will be private to control quality, eliminate spam, and maintain integrity.

Mudd Law Offices Reboots Its Blog

Mudd Law Offices has rebooted its blog and brought additional enhancements to the content that will be provided.